Michal McEwen

Film Maker

An experienced and innovative freelance film maker and teacher with expertise in video editing, camera operating and production. Currently producing independent documentary projects, personal life stories and short-form content for charities, artists and companies in both public and private sector.

 “Michal immediately grasped the essence of our charity and became totally committed to helping us convey our message as effectively as possible. The result was completely overwhelming - a film that struck the perfect balance between emotion and focus that surpassed all expectations. I could recommend her highly enough”



Antony Lishak

Chief Educational Consultant


Personal Documentaries

Tell your personal life story for your loved ones to treasure, through a collection of your images, interviews and videos that will last for ever. I have patience, skill and creativity to capture emotion and personality on the screen.

A taster of "Sheldon and Gloria;" a feature length  ‘Woody-Allen-style’ documentary film on an award winning author and her family and their story of immigration.  Filmed on location in New York. 
"Grandma Stories" - my grandmother's escape from the Nazi's on The Exodus to Israel.
(the first 5 minutes of the film).
Jackie's 80th birthday film. Life story told by her family, encompassing her escape from Europe during the war and her views on raising four boys.

Promotional Films

Make your business grow. I have experience and creative flare to understand your needs to work with your team to produce a unique stand out film.

Learning From The Righteous, a fundraising film for an educational charity. Filmed on location in Poland including the zoo made famous in “the Zoo Keeper’s Wife” and London. This film involved taking many hours of footage and required a great deal of skill to edit sensitively in order to achieve an emotional response from the audience. (See testimonial below Antony Lishak
"Lagad" - London Academy of Gymnastic and dance,
a business promotional. This demonstrates my experience working with children and my ability to hone their energy into achieving what is required in the film. I can comfortably work in a busy environment, to a tight deadline; liaising with parents, staff and children.
“Mission Antarctica”: a UNESCO and Greenpeace sponsored expedition on a month long journey to the Antarctic Peninsula. Filming/editing a fundraising film in a wide variety of locations, from the Southern Ocean on a small yacht, to the Patagonian rain forest and the Ice Shelf. This demonstrates my ability to film and direct in a physically demanding environment with challenging circumstances.

Running Film Clubs

I facilitate film clubs to enable children to acquire a basic practical and theoretical knowledge of film making. These run predominantly in schools. The children learn: to use the camera and sound, to edit and direct. In addition they learn through critically viewing films and gain confidence via performing in front of the camera.

"One Shot Out of the Playground" - Won first price for the best one- shot film for "into film" competition. Made by 10 yr olds.
Anti -bullying film for ITV competition, made by 11 and 10 yr olds.

Events and Bar Mitzvahs

Creating a bespoke film for events

and those special moments. I create films with the child's personality and talents being central to the end product. Using photos, videos, creative friends and family, I put together a short bespoke video. (Often used as a surprise.)

Jo Jo's surprise Bar Mitzvah clip made with his family,  friends and... Terry Gilliam
Michaella's Bat Mitzvah video clip 
created as a surprise and screened at the event.

Photo books for  Bar / Bat Mitzvahs

The Bar/ Bat Mitzvah book is an A3 size photo book, made prior to the event, all about your child.  This comprises of a confidence boosting 4 hour photoshoot with the child. I get to know them and ensure that their character and personality shines through the lens to the finished page. They can bring props and a change of clothes as they wish.
The book has space at the back for friends and family to write personal messages at the event.  It becomes an extra activity for the party as well as a beautiful keepsake.


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